8 Ways to Survive Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury retrograde periods in the zodiac occur about three times a year, causing havoc when Mercury appears to be traveling backward in the sky from Earths perspective. When this happens, your planet-facing electronics will misfire and cause all sorts of chaos in your life. In order to survive Mercury retrograde with your sanity intact, follow these eight steps before, during, and after the event.

1) Do Not Take on Big Projects

If you want to complete big projects, you’ll need to be strategic in how you plan them out. Don’t expect that everything will go smoothly, and don’t take on too much at once. Set deadlines for your projects and deadlines for yourself – if something doesn’t get done, it’s not a failure. It’s better to set smaller goals and get things done than wait until the retrograde season is over only to find yourself still trying to get all of your tasks done.

2) Expect Delays in Communications

Mercury retrograde is notorious for delays in communication. If you have a big presentation or an important meeting coming up, be sure to confirm dates and times well in advance of what youd normally expect. And if something does come up, know that its probably not your fault. No need to beat yourself up! If anything goes wrong during a retrograde period, just roll with it and know that it will pass soon enough. (Note: This advice should really be applied at all times.)

3) Don’t Act on Emotions

Remember, emotions are volatileespecially when Mercury is retrograde. When you feel yourself getting emotional or fearful during a period of Mercury retrograde, take a deep breath and try to think things through logically. Doing something impulsive could result in spending money on new clothes that dont fit right or hiring a plumber who gets your pipes even more clogged. Avoid these rookie mistakes by not acting on emotion alone.

4) Be Careful What You Say

When speaking about a project – or anything really – its important not to say what youre going to do. Its easy to get excited and want to spill all your plans and ideas, but those who work with you will be hesitant and can even turn on you if they feel like you havent done what you said. Stick to what has been decided, say as little as possible, and remember that actions speak louder than words.

5) Beware! Don’t Sign Contracts or Begin Big Projects

2022 is an especially fun year for Mercury retrograde, as instead of three periods of retrograde, the coming year will see four, so brace yourself for some rough patches. Dont sign contracts, dont buy or sell property, and dont begin any major projects. Stick with what you know works until the retrograde passes. 2022s retrogrades will be between January 14th and February 3rd, May 10th to June 2nd, September 9th to October 2nd, and finally, December 29th to January 18th, 2023. 

6) Avoid Travel During This Time

While travel can be more enjoyable during other astrological phases, retrogrades are not your best time for a vacation. You might run into delays or have trouble getting from one place to another because of mechanical failures or difficulties with public transportation. Rather than subject yourself and those youre traveling with to hours of stress, just stay home during these periods!

7) Walk Away From Arguments

There are two sides to every story. Always remember that. When you get into an argument, dont take it too seriously or you might say something youll regret later. Stand your ground, but walk away when things turn nasty. It can be hard in some cases, especially when dealing with family members, but if they want to talk about their feelings later, they will come back and do so.

8) Take Time Off Work if Needed

A lot of people fall into a trap during a retrograde: they immediately think that something must be terribly wrong with their lives and feel compelled to fix everything they can see that isnt working. If you need a mental health day, take it. This is not about getting more work done, its about dealing with stress before it becomes overwhelming.

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