0 Mystical Ways to Foretell the Future

It’s common to hear people say, I can’t predict the future. But the truth is that predicting the future isn’t all that difficult; you just need to know how to do it! Even if you’re not into mysticism, there are plenty of techniques out there that anyone can use to try and predict the outcome of their future. Here are 10 different ways you can try your hand at foretelling the future!

1) Use your intuition

The universe is telling you more than you know, if you just listen. Using your intuition is a great way to tap into your cosmic guidance system and start learning how to predict your future. Intuition goes far beyond fortune telling, but it’s something that could benefit from becoming more mainstream. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as helping you choose which friends will be most positive influences in your life, or even helping you make certain decisions about your career path. In short, it’s one of those things we all have access to—but few actually utilize on a regular basis.

2) Mysticism with tea leaves

Tea leaf reading is an ancient art, rooted in mysticism and steeped in divination. The procedure for tea leaf reading is straightforward: stir hot water into your teacup or tea pot; then remove a small amount of liquid and use it to read any patterns you see in your cup. You can read these patterns literally – often they are symbols that represent future events. There are many different templates for reading tea leaves. You may designate portions of the cup to specific themes in your life, or perhaps a timeline. Try out a few different methods, and when you find one you identify with, stick with that consistently to get clear readings. 

Here are some tips for getting started: 

Use loose leaf tea.

Research the meaning of symbols in advance. 

Designated the areas of your cup.

3) Getting Started with Runes

Runes are an ancient way of foretelling our future. Each symbol represents something, whether it’s a letter or an abstract concept. There are many kinds of Runes, but all systems have one thing in common: they’re most effective when cast as a group. You can get started by choosing four sets of three Runes that you feel drawn to and spread them out before you (vertically or horizontally), leaving enough space between each rune so you can focus on it easily. Each rune represents something and has its own meaning, so it is best if you choose them based on your personality and interest level. For example, an upward-facing arrow could signify new beginnings or growth; a downward-facing arrow may represent endings and loss. 

It’s very important to create a connection between yourself and the Runes before casting with them.

4) Consult a crystal ball

If you want a glimpse into your future, there’s nothing quite like a crystal ball. It’s not always clear what you’ll see in them, but then again that could be said about most methods of divination! A traditional crystal ball is like a bubble in space—pure and focused, it can pinpoint whatever you wish to see. Always remember to cover your crystal ball with a black cloth whenever it’s not in use!

5) Reading Palms

Hand reading has been used as a method of divination for thousands of years. One major branch of palmistry is known as Chiromancy, which analyzes an individual’s life line (which is said to be directly connected to one’s health) and also other aspects such as head lines and heart lines. A more general form of palm reading is called Chirologie, where multiple types of readings are analyzed including sun spots, moles, and fingernails. The art can be traced back through ancient civilizations in Tibet and India where it was used by holy men who believed they could read a person’s destiny from their palms. Now you too can have your palm read!

6) Test your inner strength with Tarot cards

Tarot can be intense. An intuitive reading will give you all the answers you need.

If you want to start reading tarot cards, get yourself a deck and grab a free beginner’s guide. There are several on Amazon—but we like Mary K. Greer’s book Tarot for Your Self because it teaches you how to read from a psychological perspective instead of spiritual, making it easier for skeptics to learn. Try doing a one-card draw just to practice looking at your card and interpreting what you see.

7) Numerology for Divination

Numerology is one of those things that either makes total sense or no sense at all. You see, our birthdates can be broken down into numbers that have a lot of meaning and information on them. Some of us are so used to telling others our birthday (and they know how old we are), we may not have realized that these dates tell us quite a bit about ourselves and also could be an indicator of some events in our future.

8) Crystals and Pendulums

Crystals come in a variety of colors and sizes, with each having its own particular meaning and personality. Pendulums are typically made of crystas; they can also be made from polished brass or copper. The idea behind pendulum divination is that these crystals can store universal energy, enabling you to tap into it as needed. To use a pendulum effectively, start by getting in tune with your crystal—hold it in your hand for at least five minutes (as you meditate), visualizing all your worries and fears flowing away from you.

9) Throwing Bones

In history, people have sold all kinds of divining rods and devices meant to help locate water, gold and other valuable stuff buried beneath your feet. Throwing bones is just one variation on that theme. It’s also one of many ways to go fortune-hunting—or in other words, divining answers about your future.  Fortunetelling can be a fun tool for anyone who wants insight into an important decision ahead or a deeper understanding of their path through life.

10) Astrological Predictions

When you’re creating a New Year’s resolution, it can be nice to know that one of your cosmic friends is watching out for you. Astrology isn’t just about what happened in your last life or where you were born; horoscopes actually have predictive powers—which is why they might be useful when making resolutions. 

Astrology is a divination system that’s been around for centuries. The most popular version in modern times is horoscopes, and many people use astrological predictions to set goals or better understand what they’re capable of accomplishing in their careers, relationships and health.

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