Love, money, protection, luck’

Pearl has mystically symbolized the moon, water, the center of creation the and the Universe since ancient times. An ancient Syrian goddess was called the Lady of pearls. After the worship of Egypt migrated from Egypt to Rome ancient Romans offered her pearls as sacrifices. The early Saxons called them the Tears of Freya.  Across the Mediterranean pearls have various goddess associations, creation, nurturing and the feminine divine. The Chinese thought they were raindrops swallowed by oysters when battles in the sky were raged by Dragons (fierce thunderstorms.)

Pearls are heavily used in love magic. They are worn in India to ensure a happy marriage. They are also used to attract money with simple manifestation or sympathetic magic. For general good fortune or favorable luck wear a ruby with pearls. Pearls are also worn for longevity and to promote fertility. It can drive away demons and guards a household against fire. Divers and swimmers in the South Pacific will wear pearls to protect from shark attack. Pearls are also worn to preserve health, instill courage and lend physical strength.

Color variations of pearls-

Black or Blue pearls: good luck

Pink: easy, comfortable easy life

Yellow: bring wealth

Red: promote intelligence


Wealth, protection, power, joy, fidelity, anti-nightmare

Rubies were considered the perfect offering by Buddhists in China to Buddha and to Krishna in India. In ancient India rubies were said to draw additional precious stones to the owner.  They were used for scrying and are said to darken when danger approaches the wearer. Dreams of rubies were said to foretell success.  In renaissance times rubies were given to a “virtuous woman.” In the 13th century they were considered wealth attracting stones.

Rubies are said to convey invulnerability and so are for protection from everything. Worn by soldiers versus physical combat but also useful in psychic combat. Ruby in the home guards against storms and negativity. Touching the trees or boundaries of a garden will protect them from storms and lightning. They are worn during ritual to increase energy. Also worn to banish sadness, negativity, produce joy, dispel fear and strengthen willpower.



Healing, protection, health, beauty

Jasper was used in ancient times by indigenous peoples in ceremonies to attract rain and was called the rain stone. It was also used in divination. It has been used since the earliest time to empower rituals and spells. The Pharaoh Nephecus wore a piece of jasper carved in the shape of a dragon surrounded by the Sun God’s rays to strength his GI Tract.

Jasper is a form of quartz. It is said to increase mental processes and prevents impulsive, harmful behavior, it is supposed to provide clear thought to temper these impulses. It isa very powerful protection stone. Indeed, it is held during childbirth to guard the mother and child and to relive pain. Japer arrowheads are worn for luck.

Jasper comes in many varieties:

Red Jasper: Engraved with soldiers and lions red jasper was worn to guard against poison. It is used n defensive magic. Healing spells and rituals also use red jasper. Women wear it to promote grace and beauty.

Green Jasper: It promotes sympathy in the wearer. Also used as a healing and health amulet, it also halts hallucinations and provided restful sleep.

Brown Jasper: A powerful grounding stone after performing powerful magic and ritual, it can also help with more mundane grounding.

Mottled Jasper: This is specifically used for protection vs. drowning.


Protection, defensive magic, reducing sexual desire

In ancient times it was believed that onyx was the physical, manifestation of the soul of a demon. At night the demon was said to awaken and spread terror to all on his reach. It was also known to case discord between lovers. In classical ceremonial magic Onyx was carved in the shape of Mars or Hercules for courage.

Onyx offers protection versus adversaries in conflict and protection from negativity directed at you such as in a hex or curse. It is known to reduce sexual impulses. It is even used to help versus sexual addiction. Wearing onyx in protective rituals channels that energy into the stone to create protective amulets.


Ancient people gave the moon many names as it moved through the months and seasons. A Common list is below:

January (also Wolf Moon): protection

February (also Hunger Moon. Strom Moon, Snow Moon): Cleanse and clean your space

March (also Worm Moon): creativity, inspiration, and growth, plan

April (also Pink Moon): start something new, put your plan into action

May: love fertility and friendship (including self-love!)

June (also Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon): dream magic

July (also Buck Moon, Thunder Moon): divination, connect with your inner self, self-regulation

August (also Sturgeon Moon, Grain Moon): balance, celebrate summer as winter encroaches

September: abundance and gratitude

October (also Hunter’s Moon): connect with ancestors and honor the dead

November (also Ivy Moon): preparing for winter and letting go of what no longer serves you

December (also Cold Moon, Oak Moon): reflect on all that has passed, last preparation for winter and isolation

Moon Phases:

Dark Moon:  banishing, cleansing, alone time, letting go, reflection, soul searching, finding direction, peace, contemplation,

New Moon: setting intentions, moving forward, taking action, exploring new opportunities, beginning new projects, focus on how to manifest goals

Waxing Crescent: determination, following first steps, redefining goals, gaining momentum, pushing forward

First Quarter: being pragmatic, finding balance in your goals, concentrating on growth and expansion

Waxing Gibbous: pushing boundaries and extreme growth, re-examining and re-adjusting plans, cultivation of actions

Full Moon: completion/ manifestation, gratefulness, psychic work, charging, cleansing, letting go

Waning Gibbous: eliminating negative habits, re-evaluating goals, giving thanks, decluttering (donate old clothes or old items)

Last Quarter: practice forgiveness, finding time to relax, cord cutting and getting rid of unhealthy addictions,

Waning Crescent: rest an surrender, make rooms for the new, do things you love, charging yourself and dispelling the negative

sigil wheel 2


A sigil is, in short, a magical symbol.  Traditionally there are many g=sigils in books that you can explore online or at a library. A quick search will yield a wealth of information about traditional sigils and there uses. What I will be discussing today however is not these established sigils but ones you can create on your own with the variety of methods outlined here.

First, I will provide a number layout table and then a table assigning values to letters.

Using this method, you can write a short intention such as “I have power.” or “I can see.” These should be declarative sentences of actions or circumstances. Every letter is assigned a number on the table.

Then you draw lines between the numbers as shown above.

A similar method is used with a number wheel. In some methods repeating letters are removed or, in others, they are marked with a special symbol in the sigil.


The final method is far more standard and used by most witches.  It is called the sigil wheel.

Once you have a basic form you can orient it, add to it, or subtract, from it to make it your own.

Now where to put a sigil? Anywhere and everywhere. My mother has carried a sigil I created for g=her 24 years ago on a slip of paper in her wallet.  I have cleaned my house many times using sigils in vinegar to clean the windows, floors, and many household surfaces.  You can also use roller ball perfume to write them on yourself.  Essentially no one must know these wards or symbols are there save yourself.

Sigils can be powerful but remember as you are creating them to empower them with intention and belief. The most powerful part of magic is intention, and your most powerful tool is visualization.  Visualize your intentions manifesting. You will see amazing things happen.

Obsidian turquoise bloodstone

Obsidian, Turquoise, Bloodstone

Obsidian: protection, grounding, divination, peace.

Obsidian is rapidly cooled lave, natural volcanic glass. The Mayans used the black glass since 100 BC. And Aztecs used obsidian to make mirrors for divination. It was made into arrowhead, knives, and spear heads designed to have magical properties. It was also said that Dr. Dee, advisor and astrologer to Elizabeth the First, also used obsidian for divination.

As a grounding stone obsidian is great for grounding and centering. Indeed, holding it while you feel flighty can help you feel more stable and more in order. Obsidian was also carried and used in protection rituals. It is used surrounding a candle, placed in the cardinal four directions, and it wall disperse negative energy aggressively. Spheres of obsidian are used in Mexico to allow easier access to the subconscious mind. Obsidian also is used as a protective talisman for travelers and is called the Manifestation stone.

Turquoise: protection, courage, money, love, friendship, healing, luck.

Turquoise is sacred to many Native tribes in the Americas. Navajo use them to summon rain and placed in tombs to guard the dead. They would carve it into figures of horse and sheep for protection. Pueblos placed turquoise under the floors of their homes. It was carried by Apache Shamans and attached to a bow for correct shots.

Turquoise is made into rings for protection against the evil eye, disease, serpents, poison, violence, and accidents. It is said to promote courage. It is still used as a horseman’s talisman and for travelers. Turquoise is also used in spells to gain wealth. It is also given to significant others for matrimonial harmony. Turquoise is also used to attract new friends, to be joyous, even tempered and increase beauty. Its healing abilities are for eye strength, fevers, and headaches.

Bloodstone has been used for over 3,000 years in magic. It was used in ancient Babylon to overcome one’s enemies, and in ancient Egypt, it was used to open doors, break bonds, and knock down stone walls. In the Middle Ages, it was worn by farmers to increase crop yield. In the 13th century, it was carved into the shape of bats to increase the effectiveness of spells.

Bloodstone is said to stop bleeding and was carried by soldiers.  When pressed to the wound, it would stop blood flow (though this was probably more to do with applying pressure to the wound.) It is also used to alleviate fevers and for general health. Athletes will wear it to increase physical strength and to win competitions. It is also worn to increase courage, calm fears, and negate anger. Bloodstone was seen as protective versus miscarriage. It is another wealth-attracting stone.

Jet Emerald Bery

Jet, Emerald, Beryl

Jet: protection, anti-nightmare, luck, divination, health

Jet is fossilized wood. It was said to absorb a piece of the wearer’s soul for protection. In ancient Greece, the priestesses of the goddess, Cybele, used it to curry her favor. Jet was found in pre-historic graves as burial gifts for fortune and to guard the departing spirit, so it passed on to the next life safely. It was burned by sea witches for divination and other purposes. In the Middle Ages, it was carved into the shape of a beetle for protection.

Jet absorbs negativity, removing it from the wearer and their environment. It is used to guard against nightmares and is placed under the pillow to ward off these bad dreams. Jet also increases psychic abilities (such as in divination) and medium abilities in contacting and conversing with the dead. Jet is also said to keep proper energy flow in healing spells and rituals.

Emerald: love, money, mental powers, psychic abilities, protection, exorcism, eyesight

In ancient times, emerald was thought to stand for the Earth. An odd ancient use is documented in Hindu writings to be used to protect against nocturnal emissions. In the 16th century, it was used to strengthen the memory and is mentioned in the works of Albertus Magnus as far back as the 13th to 14th century. Emerald was given to the possessed to drive out the demons. 

Emerald can be used to draw love after enchanted with a green candle. It is used in business spells to promote sales and consumer awareness. Emerald also is said to increase the wearer’s awareness of psychic abilities. It is also used for protection. Emerald is often used as a gazing stone to relax the optic nerve, especially when the user spends a very long time on computers or other screens.

Beryl: psychic abilities, healing, love, energy, anti-gossip

Beryl is often used for so called “crystal balls.” In fact, the famous Dr. Dee, the astronomer, and advisor to Elizabeth I, had a crystal ball that was made of beryl. It was used for divination in the 5th century Ireland by the specularii. In the 13th century, beryl was carved in the shape of frogs to reconcile enemies. In the 16th century, it was worn in debates to gain understanding and to win.

Beryl has a variety of uses. It is worn for protection versus drowning and sea sickness and also to increase psychic awareness. It is particularly well-suited to scrying under a waxing moon. It can provide protection from fascination and help the user find lost items. Beryl is exchanged between lovers to ensure fidelity. It’s healing ability is most effective on the liver, glands and eye disease.