Full Moon Tonight: A Taurus Ritual

The moon is a powerful symbol that has been used since ancient times for guidance and illumination. Tonight, the moon will be in the sign of Taurus, which is a perfect opportunity to do some self-care! Taurus energy can help you slow down, find peace, stay grounded, and listen to your inner voice. Spend some time tonight reflecting on how you are feeling or what you want to manifest in your life. With this full moon in Taurus, the universe is giving us the chance to acknowledge our desires and take care of ourselves with deep breaths and relaxation exercises.

Taurus Full Moon Ritual

Take some time to journal about what you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and what it is that you want to manifest in your life. Draw a blank page in your journal and write your answers to these questions:  Who am I as a person?  What am I passionate about?  What am I most grateful for?  What would I like to manifest into my life this year?  After you write down your answers, reflect on how your answers align with your current reality. How do you feel now?  Do you have more questions?  Do you feel more grounded?  Take some time to reflect and ask yourself a few more questions.

Connect to your Inner Voice

Your inner voice is something that you will naturally gravitate toward as you explore your identity. You know what you believe in and what makes you happy, so use this to make sure your core beliefs are aligned with what you are manifesting. You can go to any yoga class to find a guided meditation for this, or you can practice a series of meditation on your own. For some gentle movements that are easy on your joints and stamina, you can do a long spine stretch while in downward dog, with your eyes closed and your feet elevated on a pillow. Doing this stretches out the muscles and encourages you to breathe.  Another thing you can do to calm down and allow yourself to reconnect to your inner voice is to practice patience.

Take a Walk

Take a walk through nature, with no phone or electronics. Listen to the sounds of nature and pay attention to the details. You may come upon something that strikes your fancy, so be sure to explore your thoughts before you leave. 

Devote Time to your Career

You might be wondering what your career path is going to look like in the next couple of years. Whatever path you are on, devote some time to self-care now and take care of your needs and desires. Being focused on your career and professional development may feel scary but taking care of yourself first will be key to having a fulfilling career.  Meditation can help you with any of the above self-care approaches. Pick up some self-care mantras like, “I forgive and forget,” or “I am whole.?

Find Peace and Stillness

Lay down in a quiet, dark place, close your eyes, and envision yourself immersed in a beautiful blue ocean. Picture the world as if it were a gorgeous sea-green sheet hanging just over your head, surrounding you in a magical world. As you hold in a deep breath, you start to let the waves of the ocean take you to a place of quiet stillness. When you’re ready, open your eyes. Notice how your breathing changes as your body relaxes and becomes still. Allow your body to regain its energy and surround yourself with peaceful vibrations. Enjoy these inner sensations because you’ll likely feel these for days.  With the sun in Gemini and the moon in Taurus, the energy of the new year is bound to bring change and rejuvenation.

Take Care of yourself with Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation exercises can help you feel grounded, relaxed, and in your body. Intense, passionate Taurus energy can make you feel restless, perhaps even out of sorts. Relaxation exercises help you surrender, ask for guidance, and allow yourself to experience the space around you.  Below are two exercise videos that you can do with your loved ones. It?s important to ask for someone?s physical presence and embrace their warmth and energy.  When your energy is expansive and wild, it?s easy to forget the importance of nurturing yourself. Whether you work from home, at a job that requires a lot of work, or you?re parenting, this is a great exercise to do with your loved ones. The video below is by Five Minute Mind and encourages you to ask yourself what you want to take care of.


The full moon phase is like a wake-up call for the cosmos. Take this as an opportunity to reflect on the past few weeks and look forward to what’s coming up. It’s time to work on the things that matter to us, as well as the world around us.  A full moon is not only a good time to embrace the feelings of the moon, but also to give each other a gift ? love. Give love to those around you, especially when the moon is in your sign. If you need support this holiday season or you are experiencing mental health or addiction issues, please call the LIGHTbulb Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-833-2LIGHT-273 (1-833-495-273) or visit their website.

Sturgeon Moon

All About the Rise and Fall of Sturgeon Moon

Every month of the year has a full moon, and every full moon has a special name based on the months of the year or the season in which it appears. These names are rooted in Native American and European history.

Naming a full moon allowed for our ancestors to not only create a kind of calendar of the year for themselves but also to reflect on the seasons as they passed by, and to think about how the moon and the seasons affected them and the natural world as a whole.

For example, the full moon that lights the night skies in August is known as the Sturgeon Moon. The Sturgeon Moon got its name from the Algonquin tribe who lived near the Great Lakes. They named it such because the full moon rose at a time of the month when giant sturgeons were in abundance and easily caught.

All About The Sturgeon

The Lake Sturgeon – also called the Rock Sturgeon – is the largest and oldest species of fish native to the Great Lakes. 

This giant freshwater fish may look like something you’d see in a Jurassic Park movie, and that’s because you very well could. Well, almost. Lake sturgeon can be traced back about 136 million years. So while this prehistoric fish didn’t exactly live during the Jurassic period, it did live during the Cretaceous period. So, close enough.

These living fossils can live for decades. Male sturgeon can live about 55 years, while there are records of female sturgeons living up to 150 years! Females aren’t even ready to reproduce until they hit about 20, and after that, they can reproduce every four years.

Sadly, giant sturgeons aren’t as abundant in the Great Lakes anymore as they were at the time of the naming of August’s full moon. A combination of overfishing, invasive aquatic species, pollution, and global warming have nearly decimated the entire species. In 1994, the Lake Sturgeon was designated as a threatened species in Michigan.

Recovery efforts to repopulate the lakes and revive the species have proven slow due to the delayed maturation of female sturgeon as well as their sporadic spawning cycles. 

All About The Sturgeon Moon

Other Native American tribes called the Sturgeon Moon by different names. The Cree called it the Flying Up Moon, representing a time of the year when young birds left the nest and learned to fly. The Ojibwe called it the Corn Moon. It was called the Harvest Moon by the Dakota, and the Ricing Moon by the Anishinaabe. The Assiniboine people referred to it as the Black Cherries Moon, denoting the time of the year when chokecherries were ripe for picking.

August is all about strength. As you go about your month, ruminate on the mighty sturgeon and how it managed to survive in the same waters as literal dinosaurs. If you’re having a hard time, just remember, that if the sturgeon can last 136 million years, through dinosaurs, overfishing, and climate change, you have the strength to make it through the month.

Call on the sturgeon for its resilience and ability to adapt through millions of years of change. You are just as strong. You are just as adaptable. You, too, can persevere through any challenge you face.

The Sturgeon Moon represents strength, gumption, flexibility, gratitude, perseverance, and flourishing. Wear gold, orange, and dark green to represent August’s beautiful moon. 

The Sturgeon Moon will rise in the evening of Saturday, August 21st, and will reach its peak in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A Ritual For The Full Sturgeon Moon

The Sturgeon Moon is the perfect time of the year to get rid of all the old dinosaurs that are weighing you down. Below is a quick ritual you can perform on the night of the Sturgeon Moon to help banish any negative energies and prepare yourself for the changing of the seasons ahead. Just remember, whatever negativity you plan to banish, you must replace it with positivity. The power of the Sturgeon Moon will help you manifest your new reality. 

What you’ll need:

  • One black candle
  • Your cauldron (or another fireproof container)
  • A pen a pencil
  • Two strips of paper
  • Your favorite purifying incense. Lavender, sage, palo santo, rosemary, or cinnamon work well. 

Before you begin, cast your circle and invite your spirits/deities/elementals/watchtowers to join you in your rite. 

  1. Once your ritual ingredients are placed on your altar, light the candle and incense. Take three deep, meditative breaths. As you exhale, visualize all the negative energy you’re trying to rid yourself of leaving your body.
  2. On the first piece of paper, write down what sort of negative energy you’re trying to banish. Maybe it’s a bad habit you’re trying to quit.
  3. Set the paper alight with the flame of your black candle and drop it into the cauldron.
  4. As the paper burns, watch it while you chant the following words: “By the Sturgeon Moon’s mighty power, and the power bestowed to me, I banish this thing from my life, so mote it be.”
  5. Once your chant is done, take the second piece of paper and write on it a description of the new you, without the banished energy’s hold. For example, if you’re doing the spell to quit drinking/smoking/snacking, etc., you would write, “I am a non-drinker/smoker” etc. 
  6. Repeat this description of the new you thrice and then put the paper in your grimoire/Book of Shadows/journal.
  7. Thank your spirits/deities/elementals/watchtowers for joining you in your ritual tonight and close your circle.
  8. Every single day until the next moon rises, when you awake in the morning, stand in front of a mirror, make eye contact with yourself, and repeat that description. This helps to strengthen the spell every day.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius: What Does It Mean for You?

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius occurs from June 4 to October 23, 2022. This means that Aquarius will be dominated by the planet Saturn during this period of time. What does this mean for you? How will Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius affect your life? There may be some potential pitfalls, but also ways to work with this influence to bring positive changes and opportunities. So! pay close attention to self-reflection and your life path during this time period. Also, be mindful of how to transform this powerful energy to work in your favor.

Welcome Back, Old Friend
Saturn is a slow-moving planet, typically spending up to 3 years in each zodiac sign. During its annual retrograde, Saturn slowly retraces its steps through your zodiac house and returns to where it began. This time around (Saturn entered Pisces in late 2012 and remained there until December 2015), we’ll see it retrograde in Aquarius for roughly four and a half months.

Reassess Goals
When Saturn turns retrograde, you may be forced to reassess your goals and purpose. This slow-down period can be a good opportunity to reflect on why you want to achieve these goals, how realistic they are, and whether they are realistic or not. Make sure that your plans will support future growth and challenge you to grow beyond what’s comfortable—you don’t want stagnation as one of your goals! Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Planning Ahead
Saturn’s retrograde period is particularly long and will be occurring during an already complicated transit. Mars also turns retrograde at around that time, which could leave you feeling like you’re in a holding pattern. If you feel directionless or aimless, it may be worth your while to regroup and revisit your goals. Identify any areas where you’ve veered off course or changed your mind about what you really want out of life. Even though it might seem like life is spinning wildly out of control—or that others are attempting to influence your actions—the truth is that all of these changes are self-made. Remember that every setback contains within it an opportunity for a comeback.

Extending Yourself Too Much
Every year, Saturn turns retrograde during a specific sign. This is your annual reminder to take inventory of how you’re spending your energy and resources. For example, if you’re working 60 hours a week because you want to be your own boss and make partner by age 35, that’s admirable. But how does it align with what’s happening in your life? Maybe you have a child or two who needs additional attention; perhaps you don’t feel particularly enthusiastic about what you’re doing or don’t feel like it’s aligned with who you are or where you want to go. Whatever it is, pay attention to feelings that pop up during these four months—they will guide you toward making sound decisions when it comes time to plan your next steps.

Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than Perfection
Saturn can be demanding—and it doesn’t accept just anything. If your business idea isn’t good enough, or you aren’t prepared to really work hard, Saturn retrograde is a great time to step back and rethink your next steps. Alternatively, if you have given yourself plenty of time and done your due diligence, you can use Saturn retrograde as an opportunity to assess where there might be problems with your strategy or concepts—things that can be fixed now rather than later. Either way, bear in mind that since it will last approximately four months (beginning June 4th), while Saturn turns retrograde annually, it will be a long process and one that may require patience. In other words: Don’t expect overnight results.

Leading By Example
As a leader, you have to set an example. That is why it’s important to be true to yourself. If you preach honesty but lie on a regular basis, then you lose all credibility. When your team looks at you and sees that you don’t practice what you preach, they may start doing things that are not acceptable to your company’s ethical standards. If your reputation depends upon living up to others’ expectations of professional behavior, it’s important that those expectations match your own beliefs about ethical practices as well.  In short, it’s critical for leaders’ actions and words to match one another and accurately represent your character.

Getting Support From Others
If you’re working on a project that involves multiple stakeholders, create a plan to discuss your progress with everyone involved. Identify any potential issues before they become problems and find ways to prevent them from happening in the future. Plus, by consulting with others about your plans and progress, you’ll receive valuable feedback that can help you reevaluate what you’re doing as well as how to fix it. The support of others doesn’t just provide assistance; it also makes things more enjoyable. And if there is anything Saturn retrograde loves, it’s less pressure and more fun! Remember—you don’t have to do everything alone! By asking for help when needed and supporting others as much as possible, everyone wins!

Prioritizing Time Management
For most of us, time is a commodity. We feel as though we need more of it because there’s never enough. One way to make time your ally, instead of your enemy, is by prioritizing your tasks effectively so that you have time to do what matters most (and don’t waste energy on what doesn’t). In other words, focus on doing rather than being busy and you’ll increase productivity and avoid wasting too much precious time. So, how can you make sure that you focus on priority tasks first? Start by creating a detailed task list with your three biggest projects or activities for today at the top.

Remembering to Act Ethically
As you prepare for Saturn retrograde, think about how you behave ethically. Do you use others to accomplish your professional goals? Do you take a lot from people without giving back in return? This may feel like a productive way to get ahead at first, but eventually, it will come back to bite you. In fact, one of Saturn’s main themes is karma—the cosmic law of cause and effect—which means that what goes around comes around. When retrogrades bring things back into our lives, we have a second chance to correct wrongs and fix mistakes before they spiral out of control and hurt us down the road. Look within during Saturn retrograde and act with integrity. It will serve you well!

Retrogrades are a time to slow down and trust the guidance of the cosmos.

Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn are all retrograde right now. And until they turn direct again in October, it’s essential to take some time to truly understand how each of these planetary energies impacts your life and how you can use that influence to benefit yourself and others. Read on to learn more about what retrogrades mean, how they work, and how you can use them to deepen your understanding of the cosmos and gain insight into your life today.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

What can you expect as you begin your journey into Pluto in Capricorn? The most accessible place to start is by understanding how Pluto’s last transit through Capricorn affected you and how that may help guide your actions during its current retrograde. During Pluto’s last transit through Capricorn, some key things that happened were major economic crashes (remember 2008?), climate change agreements between nations, and significant shifts in government power structures—from George W Bush left office to Barack Obama taking over as President of the United States for example. What does that tell us about what might happen during its current retrograde?

In other words, on April 29, the Planet of Transformation and Destruction began moving backward in the sign of Capricorn. Though the backward motion of Pluto’s orbit is nowhere near as erratic as to when Mercury moves backward, there are still many things for us to pay attention to during the astrological event until October 8, 2022.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 2008, which means we’ve dealt with all of its themes, including business, structure, patriarchal constructs, karma, and stability. Pluto retrogrades roughly once a year for around six months, so we’ve experienced this plenty of times before. We’ve survived and even thrived under its influence. As far as the central theme is concerned, much reflection is involved. Under Pluto’s influence, we are called to examine such things as our psyche, our subconscious selves, shadow work, and transformation, says Madi Murphy, cofounder of CosmicRX.

Although the effects of Pluto’s retrograde may take a little while to set in, they last longer. This astrological event is all about change. Use the theme of reflection to fuel your personal growth as well – Pluto’s a chameleon, so remember to turn its energy towards creating positive change.

Kalina Trifonova, a Nebula astrologer, recommends keeping an eye out between May 23 and 27. She says that it will be more apparent during this time how love works. If you are unsure about your actions for June 29, there is an outside chance that on that day, your challenges will occur and, as she advises, stand your ground, but be wary of being provoked to act impulsively.

This means Pluto is a planet all about transformation and facing our innermost shadow selves. So do not fear them and be fully aware of them. Murphy tells us that you can use this transit for your empowerment by looking at how you self-sabotage or get in your way and making minor adjustments. Now’s the time to ask yourself, what’s holding you back from your spiritual evolution? When you face them and decide to make changes, you will become aware you have way more power than you realize, explains Murphy.

Take stock of what’s going on in your life and where you need to make a change — Pluto moves slowly, so take your time, and the best will happen in the end.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius pushes us toward practical solutions that advance society rather than our self-interests. It’s about taking on new ideas and beliefs based on collective human wisdom rather than following your gut or ego (which can sometimes work against you). It’s about balancing your vision for change and making it happen with personal hard work and thinking through how collective societal forces might block you from achieving what you want. Saturn retrograde is an opportunity to look at how we might be stuck, where we may be overreacting in fear or frustration to others, or where we may be trying too hard or not trying enough to make positive change happen.

Even though Saturn isn’t necessarily hard to learn about, the Planet does govern all matters related to order and organization. Annual occurrences include a four-month-long cycle when Saturn appears to go backward in its orbit. Saturn’s time as retrograde between May 23 to October 10 will challenge you to modify the structure of your life.

During this period, it is advised to slow down, balance one’s social life with one’s inner life, and examine what makes oneself tick to improve one’s life.

While faster-moving planets like Mercury or Mars moving in the reverse direction might generate confusion, that is not the case with slower-moving planets. Instead of being held back by exterior difficulties, a Saturn Retrograde forces us to focus inward and remember who we are and how far we have come.

Due to its alignment with stricter life codes, Saturn has been responsible for reigning in planets and zodiac signs. In this way, it has encouraged those subject to its light to put some limitations on themselves. Because Saturn is a karma planet, it holds one accountable for what society expects of us.

Whenever direct, Saturn can seem like a great put-down. However, when it’s in retrograde, it is instead an opportunity to take a step back and examine the various things that have impacted our decisions. We can observe what factors motivate us, such as fear, given this chance.

Saturn is reversed when our inner worlds take precedence over the external. This is when we look inward and are much more self-aware. Examining our past lives in this reflective period helps us understand and improve, then we’re set on the path we want to follow.

As of October 10, Saturn will start going direct again and cease being easy for us to play with. But before then, be self-aware!

Before Saturn moves backward on May 23, examine what you’ve been holding yourself back from doing so you can work on it for the next couple of months — Saturn blesses your ambitions!

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus

Your belief system is being challenged or redefined somehow so that you may feel your sense of identity shifting. It’s an excellent time to revisit your past, think about where you came from, what led you here, and how it’s shaped your perspective on life. 

In 2022, four whopping Mercury retrograde transits are happening across six zodiac signs. We now have the first under our belt since from January 14 to February 3 in goal-oriented Capricorn and visionary Aquarius. The second Mercury retrograde of the year is happening in Gemini and Taurus’s astrological signs from May 10 to June 3. Psychologist and social worker Monisha Holmes, MSW, says the message of this transit is to encourage individuals to reflect on their choices and what they’re doing.

As to the basics of Mercury and what its retrograde cycles tend to mean, “Mercury is the planet that represents communication, thinking, and flirting, among other things,” says Holmes. “When it goes retrograde, there’s an optical illusion that makes it appear to be moving backward. Mercury retrogrades are generally a time for rest, recycling, and retrospection.”

This retrograde will be a difficult one because it’s at the tail end of the eclipse season. Senior astrologer Narayana Montúfar, this transit carries a particular astral imprint. These intersecting events may cause us to feel somewhat destabilized.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury rules Gemini, which says it’s exalted when it’s not moving backward. From May 10 to 22, it will be moving backward. The result is a week with a recipe for obstacles on your path, especially if you’re not on top of Mercury’s machinations. In an astrologer’s words, We get communication issues. We get misunderstandings. We get extra gossip. All of this drives home the importance of being mindful of what you are doing and saying during this time.

According to Astrologer Iva Naskova at Nebula, During Mercury’s retrograde phase in Gemini, May 10-22, it’s essential to take care of our mental health, but try to take it up a notch. It’s best if we make time to meditate, practice yoga, and find ways to calm our minds and gain clarity in our thoughts. Otherwise, this transit can be overwhelming, especially for Gemini and Virgo. Mercury, the ruling Planet of these signs, will be in direct opposition.

Montúfar explains that the Planet Mercury favors being in Gemini and is the more positive of the retrograde, helping people re-orient and go through profound changes.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

In astrology, Mercury will enter Taurus on May 22, altering the vibe of Gemini-lovers to a more stubborn, diplomatic, and indulgent group. Many of us might feel an increased desire to take things slow and loosen up, says Naskova. Yet, if your schedule is saturated, this behavior will add nothing but stress and anxiety for Sagittarius and Leo, for whom Mercury is about to retrograde in their work.

When Mercury is in Taurus, the typically quick-thinking Planet doesn’t mesh well with the slow, mellow energy of the earth sign. During this time, it’s in our best interest to slow down and enjoy life. Make sure to rest from time to time and that leisure does not devolve into laziness.

Transit in Taurus + Saturn in Aquarius will now translate into limitations and challenging situations with authority figures. With Saturn, the Planet of Time, work, and mental energy invested now will be worth it in the long run.

As Mercury is shifting into Taurus this coming May 22, it might be good to account for unexpected things when planning. The shift is an excellent time to plan one’s beliefs and finances because those are two areas where Taurus enjoys stability.

Mercury’s retrograde period can be nerve-wracking, but it’s just one part of the astrological cycle. Mercury retrograde always marks a time of deep introspection when the universe asks us to slow down, Montúfar says. If we take time to reflect inwardly, the cosmic trend of Mercury going into retrograde can be helpful in anchoring and reconnecting to our center when we need it the most.

8 Ways to Survive Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury retrograde periods in the zodiac occur about three times a year, causing havoc when Mercury appears to be traveling backward in the sky from Earths perspective. When this happens, your planet-facing electronics will misfire and cause all sorts of chaos in your life. In order to survive Mercury retrograde with your sanity intact, follow these eight steps before, during, and after the event.

1) Do Not Take on Big Projects

If you want to complete big projects, you’ll need to be strategic in how you plan them out. Don’t expect that everything will go smoothly, and don’t take on too much at once. Set deadlines for your projects and deadlines for yourself – if something doesn’t get done, it’s not a failure. It’s better to set smaller goals and get things done than wait until the retrograde season is over only to find yourself still trying to get all of your tasks done.

2) Expect Delays in Communications

Mercury retrograde is notorious for delays in communication. If you have a big presentation or an important meeting coming up, be sure to confirm dates and times well in advance of what youd normally expect. And if something does come up, know that its probably not your fault. No need to beat yourself up! If anything goes wrong during a retrograde period, just roll with it and know that it will pass soon enough. (Note: This advice should really be applied at all times.)

3) Don’t Act on Emotions

Remember, emotions are volatileespecially when Mercury is retrograde. When you feel yourself getting emotional or fearful during a period of Mercury retrograde, take a deep breath and try to think things through logically. Doing something impulsive could result in spending money on new clothes that dont fit right or hiring a plumber who gets your pipes even more clogged. Avoid these rookie mistakes by not acting on emotion alone.

4) Be Careful What You Say

When speaking about a project – or anything really – its important not to say what youre going to do. Its easy to get excited and want to spill all your plans and ideas, but those who work with you will be hesitant and can even turn on you if they feel like you havent done what you said. Stick to what has been decided, say as little as possible, and remember that actions speak louder than words.

5) Beware! Don’t Sign Contracts or Begin Big Projects

2022 is an especially fun year for Mercury retrograde, as instead of three periods of retrograde, the coming year will see four, so brace yourself for some rough patches. Dont sign contracts, dont buy or sell property, and dont begin any major projects. Stick with what you know works until the retrograde passes. 2022s retrogrades will be between January 14th and February 3rd, May 10th to June 2nd, September 9th to October 2nd, and finally, December 29th to January 18th, 2023. 

6) Avoid Travel During This Time

While travel can be more enjoyable during other astrological phases, retrogrades are not your best time for a vacation. You might run into delays or have trouble getting from one place to another because of mechanical failures or difficulties with public transportation. Rather than subject yourself and those youre traveling with to hours of stress, just stay home during these periods!

7) Walk Away From Arguments

There are two sides to every story. Always remember that. When you get into an argument, dont take it too seriously or you might say something youll regret later. Stand your ground, but walk away when things turn nasty. It can be hard in some cases, especially when dealing with family members, but if they want to talk about their feelings later, they will come back and do so.

8) Take Time Off Work if Needed

A lot of people fall into a trap during a retrograde: they immediately think that something must be terribly wrong with their lives and feel compelled to fix everything they can see that isnt working. If you need a mental health day, take it. This is not about getting more work done, its about dealing with stress before it becomes overwhelming.

What do Sagittarius Leo and Aries have in common

What do Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries have in common?

If you’re interested in the zodiac, then you likely know at least a little bit about Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries, but do you know what these three feisty signs have in common? Of course, three of these zodiac signs are fire signs. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, Leo by the Sun, and Aries by Mars. Fire signs are passionate and bold, unafraid to take the road less traveled when they believe it will lead them to their purpose. Fire signs are known for their passion, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration, and strong-willed spirit.

1) The Sagittarian

An explorer at heart, the Sagittarian values freedom above all else. No matter where they are located on earth, there is a constant quest for adventure. They have a lust for life that fuels their every waking moment. The farther away from home they are, or whatever situation or activity they find themselves in, it’s always an opportunity to learn something new about their world or themselves. Intellectual and talkative, constantly learning is one of their favorite pastimes, along with exploring wherever they are visiting. People born under this fire sign will definitely never be bored! Life is too short to spend time being bored or unhappy, so it’s time to get out and see what other people’s lives look like beyond your own.

Sagittarians have an unbridled optimism that shines upon every aspect of their life. Life should be full of fun experiences, so live life to its fullest while you can! It would be a shame if you didn’t live up to your full potential by not knowing what you’re capable of. Your curiosity will lead you down many paths before your journey here on earth comes to an end, so don’t put limits on yourself just because others have already placed limitations upon themselves. As friends, Sagittarians are insightful, wise, and honest, but they can also be blunt and too direct. They struggle to share their truths with tact and sensitivity. They are great to have around as their talkative, sociable nature makes it easy for them to connect with everyone.

2) The Leo

This fire sign is an extrovert who loves to be around people and sports surprisingly thin skin. Criticism can pierce them deeply. They crave affirmation, praise, and validation. Leos are always willing to lend a helping hand. These generous individuals like everything to be just right for them before getting started, but once they’re on board with a project or team, it’s impossible to stop them from blazing ahead. Leos are like the sun: warm, constant, shining on all those in their orbit.  They are fixed, steady, predictable friends who love to-do lists, can be resistant to change, and take time to adapt to pivots.

In romance, Leos take center stage. They love being adored by their partner and will go out of their way to put a smile on their face. They need their partners to lavish them with affection and prove their love and loyalty. Once they are settled into a trusting relationship, they make playful, affectionate partners that enjoy keeping things hot and heavy. Leos are secretly sensitive though. They are quick to put up a brave face when hurt, but inside, they are more vulnerable than their fiery-lion outside would let on.

3) The Aries

The first quality of an Aries that people typically notice is their creative (fiery) energy. This fire sign is always on the move, putting their independent and entrepreneurial spirit into action. Aries-born individuals make up some of the most inspiring leaders, and can get even the most “stuck” people moving with their energetic, motivating attitude. Their energy is infectious and they have a limitless curiosity for everything (including new projects). This makes them an exciting friend to hang out with. They are somewhat competitive, but love to celebrate and uplift their friends.

Aries also have a child-like fascination with the world and a sense of adventure that can be a little reckless and impulsive at times. They don’t like to be told what to do and avoid being controlled at all costs. They do far better being their own boss than having to answer to someone else. Their boundless energy is best channeled in physical activity (preferably outdoors), or challenging projects that they can pour their whole heart and mind into.

If you’re born under an astrological fire sign, your potential is incredible! If not, then you would gain much by befriending a Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries to reap the benefits of their fiery personalities.

The Beaver Moon is coming What should you expect 1

The Beaver Moon is coming! What should you expect?

On Friday, November 19, 2021, at 3:57 AM ET, the Beaver Moon will be accompanied by a partial lunar eclipse. If you live in parts of North America or Eastern Asia, you’ll have the best view of this celestial event – so don’t miss it! But what exactly will you see? Here’s everything you need to know about the Beaver Moon and its lunar eclipse.

Know what’s happening
A lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves into Earth’s shadow. During a partial lunar eclipse, when part of our natural satellite passes through Earth’s penumbra — an area that we don’t typically think of as shadow, — it dims and reddens somewhat. A complete lunar eclipse occurs when all of our moon moves through that umbra and becomes totally dark in appearance. Lunar eclipses are easy to see from pretty much anywhere on Earth, unlike solar eclipses, which require certain conditions to occur in order for viewers to get a clear view. In other words, you won’t need to be standing outside your house with one eye closed while holding up a pinhole camera. Full moons are perpetually powerful periods of release, illumination, and resolution— but our November 2021 full moon rising on Nov. 19 will put these energies into hyperdrive. That’s because this upcoming full moon, also called the Beaver Moon, is a lunar eclipse, so it’s ushering in all kinds of emotional adjustments. Recognizing the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon can assist us in keeping our eyes on the prize as we near the darker season ahead and prepare ourselves for the eclipse’s shake-ups.

History behind this name
It gets its name from beavers that do most of their building in November, and it’s also a full moon, which means more light for them to work. That’s why it was originally called Frosty Moon by North American tribes. However, by the 17th century, colonists started naming after their traditions. They knew a new moon meant a new month and a full moon meant a beaver moon. So without being aware of any Native-American culture or tradition, they named it just like any other full moon in November—the Beaver Moon. The term has stuck until today.

How to celebrate
Incorporating the full moon energy into your spiritual practice — or simply into your everyday flow — is a great way to align with the cosmos’ natural rhythms. Consider making an offering during meditation or ceremony, lighting some candles, praying to any deities you worship, using sage smudging for purification and cleansing, taking a ritual soak, eating beaver tails (joking…but not really), going for a walk in nature while admiring some autumnal foliage, journaling about what’s going on in your life right now … whatever feels right to you. And if nothing else comes up, at least there’s always watching The Beaver King (1993). (Warning: Not suitable for children.)

Most full moons are powerful times for doing rituals and moon magic, eclipses are typically an exception — as the cosmic energies are exceedingly chaotic and compromised. Instead of attempting to harness the energy in a moon ritual, it’s best to simply immerse yourself in the rough waters of change and work to embrace whatever the universe throws your way. Take this full moon slowly, and listen to the universe to understand what is meant for you. The moon will be in earth sign Taurus territory at the moment of the eclipse, so its energy is highlighting our sensual practices and bringing recognition to the material domain. It’s a good time to feel within your body and tune toward your senses to appreciate some full moon insights. If possible, go somewhere quiet without too many interruptions. Meditate upon your dreams to see how they may manifest in reality over time. Let intuition guide you instead of rushing head-first through fear. If anything scary arises, remember that it’s only temporary – that everything flows, even when things don’t seem to be working out in your favor at first glance. Remember that each experience serves you along your journey in some capacity; consider exploring whether learning something new can help to unlock greater potential in yourself or develop more effective relationships with others who support who you are becoming. If you’re looking for a specific activity during the eclipse, try selecting some grounding crystals to meditate with.

When to see it
On Friday, November 19, 2021, at 3:57 AM ET. Not sure when that is where you are? You can use a time zone converter to find out. This eclipse will be visible in much of Europe and parts of northern Africa and western Asia. The further north and east you live in North America, however, the better your chances will be of seeing it because a larger area will lie within its path. Will it be visible from my hometown? You can use a visibility map to see if any part of your location will fall within its narrow path. And remember—weather permitting—the higher up you are, the more of an unobstructed view you’ll have.

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Lunar Magic Soak- Fulfill Your Full Moon Rituals

A moon bath ritual can be incredibly powerful and healing. It’s the perfect combination of the physical and the spiritual – but there are some special considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get everything out of this magical experience that you possibly can! Here are some lunar magic soak ideas that are sure to take your full moon ritual bath to the next level…

1) Enhance Energy Flow
The easiest way to enhance your energy flow is by adding an energy gem. Energy gems, also known as chakra stones, are a quick and easy way to bring extra power into your life or that of a loved one. You can add chakra gems into your bath water or other forms of healing liquids. The stone will infuse its healing power into whatever liquid you add it to. The best time to add an energy gem is at night under moonlight while taking a full moon ritual bath.

2) Improve Intuition
Take a bath with essential oils that are known to help with psychic abilities. One of our favorites is Indian Frankincense oil, which has been known to enhance intuition, meditation and other spiritual practices. Its also perfect for opening up one’s third eye chakra! To use it in your bath, pour some under running water. Let yourself relax as you breathe in its wonderful scent! Add other oils that are beneficial for psychic abilities, such as scented geranium or bergamot oil. You can even enjoy your favorite cup of tea before getting into your tub!

3) Uplift Depression
The light of a full moon is often considered to be an uplifting force. The darker, moodier feeling of a new moon can be hard on our spirits; but what if you could turn it into something positive? Take your bath when there’s a full moon (and look for ways to spend time outside during that month) and see how it affects your general outlook. Do you find yourself happier, more optimistic or in better control of your emotions? You might want to try keeping track with an app like Moodnotes; by documenting your behavior over time, you may start to see that lunar cycles have power over how we feel even when we don’t realize it.

4) Cleanse Negativity
Before taking a lunar magic soak, it’s important to clear away any negativity and replace it with positive energy. Start by creating a list of things you want to change in your life and commit them to paper (physical or virtual). Make sure each item is measurable. After writing down your goals, read through them aloud and make an intention for how you want to achieve each one. Repeat affirmations such as I am committed to [goal]. I will achieve [goal] on [date]. Say these affirmations throughout your day and add more on a regular basis. If you’re having trouble getting rid of negative thoughts, draw up a relaxation bath instead! There are plenty of natural bath salts on Amazon that can help calm your mind.

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20 Moon-Worthy Ways to Use Moon Water

Moon water has many wonderful and magical uses that can be incorporated into your daily rituals and practices. Moon water, also known as rose water, provides much more than just hydration and flavor to your food and drinks; it can be used in self-care practices and to cleanse sacred spaces as well as use in your beauty routine. In fact, many people make their own moon water because it’s said to be more powerful than store-bought varieties because it’s been blessed by the moon herself. These are 20 moon-worthy ways to use moon water!

Floating Candles
Whether you’re practicing candle magic or just want a convenient way to light your home, floating candles are perfect for illuminating any space. To make moon water floating candles, fill a clear glass vase with moon water and place a white tealight in it. Position it somewhere in your house where it will reflect the moonlight. The best times of day for using moon water candles are from dawn until noon because they absorb sunlight energy during these hours and emit it during twilight. It’s important to be careful when lighting because most contain combustible materials that can cause fires or burns if not used correctly. Don’t burn candles directly under anything that can catch fire, including curtains and rugs.

Use In Watercolors
Moon water can be used in many ways during meditation. Some use it in their baths, while others use it in rituals or when making magic. And, of course, there are those who simply love how moon water feels on their skin when they’re relaxing. If you want to reap these benefits, you’ll need a small bottle of pure moon water with which to paint—or at least have on hand for easy access. Though it may seem difficult, creating your own moon water is actually quite simple! All you need to do is leave water out underneath the moon. That’s it!

Infuse with Fruits, Crystals, and Herbs
Infusing moon water with all sorts of ingredients is a great method for use in your daily rituals. You can infuse moon water with fruit crystals, herbs, leaves, peels, and flowers. The combinations are endless! Try these ideas for starters:

– Honeydew Melon and Raspberry with Aventurine, Rose Quartz, and Withania Somnifera for fertility, love, beauty, protection, abundance, and lunar magic.

– Strawberry, Lime, and Cucumber with Peridot, Topaz, and Rosemary for love, chastity, fertility, healing, fortune, peace, and protection.

– Raspberry, Rose Petal, and Vanilla with Jasper, Amethyst, and Basil for love, protection, divination, healing, psychic abilities. happiness, and lust.

Moon Water Scrying
To clear your mind, put a small amount of moon water in a bowl and light some candles around it. As you inhale the fragrant smoke, cup your hands around your eyes and look through them into the bowl. Be mindful not to focus on any one thing; instead, let all thoughts go as you simply gaze into it. You’ll be amazed at what arises—just make sure to jot it down later!

Cleansing Spray
Cleaning yourself and your living space with moon water can help you prepare for your next ritual. A few drops of lemon essential oil and a couple of sprigs of rosemary-infused in a spray bottle are all you need. Add about 2 ounces of water and 1 teaspoon of kosher salt to mix it up, and feel free to adjust as needed and enjoy! If you’ve made an infusion with herbs or fruit crystals, keep it in a dark cabinet—like one used for storing food—for continued potency.

Diffuse Essential Oils
Not only do essential oils have aromatherapeutic properties, but adding them to your moon water allows you to select a scent that fits whatever mood you’re in. This is one of my favorite ways of using moon water—particularly on full moons, which are also good times for cleansing rituals. The relaxing properties of lavender, peppermint, and chamomile are great for unwinding after a long day.

Bless Sacred Space
Moon water is believed to cleanse, bless, and protect people, places, and things. If you’re looking for an effective way to bless sacred spaces—whether that be your home or garden—try making moon water. It has subtle energy that makes it perfect for cleansing space with intention. There are many different ways of using moon water. 

Open Third Eye
The Full Moon (when it’s shining directly overhead, making its light stronger and more intense) is an ideal time for opening our third eye. If you’re not familiar with your third eye (also known as your inner eye or mind’s eye), it is simply your brain stem (the bottom part of your pineal gland). The full moon can be used as a tool to open that portion of our mind, helping us connect to our intuition.

Put In Flower Vase
Maybe you love your usual floral arrangements, but they don’t always stand out in a small space. So, what about using moon water in place of actual flowers? You can add moon water to any existing floral arrangement or create your own with just moon water and vases.

Cleanse Scrying Mirror
It’s said that a mirror becomes clearer and more reflective after it’s been cleaned with moon water, making it a powerful tool for scrying—the art of seeing your future by gazing into a still or running body of water. All you need is a glass mirror, two drops of moon water, and a bowl of still water. Place your face close to the bowl, dip a towel in moon water, then gently wipe away any dust or dirt from your mirror.

Make Ice Cubes
Make a big batch of moon water and put it in ice cube trays. Label and freeze them for the next time you need a drink or want to use moon water for a spell. If you do not have trays, no worries. You can place your moon water into individual Ziploc bags, label them, then place them into your freezer until ready to use.

Water Plants
As we’ve already discussed, essential oils and flower essences can be easily infused into water. It’s a great way to get more of these superpowers inside your body without having to take capsules or swallow pastilles. Another fun use for moon water is keeping it in an open vase on your kitchen table or living room floor, where you can glance at it throughout the day and get a subtle dose of your favorite plants and herbs with every glance. What better way is there than that to stay in tune with nature?

Apply to $$$ to Promote Prosperity
Whether you’re putting it in your tea, bathing with it, or making an offering, moon water is a traditional way of harnessing magical powers for prosperity. And luckily, there are a few ways to spend $$$ that bring more luck than giving it away! The next time you want some quick cash in your pocket (or maybe in your purse—who knows), try blessing yourself and someone else with moon water—it’s one of many fun ways to empower yourself through ritual. 

Charge Sigils
Depending on what you’re doing with your moon water, you may want to charge your sigil beforehand. In an empty glass jar, dissolve a tablespoon of white sugar in 2 cups of water. Add one tablespoon of salt and stir well. Let it sit out overnight with a sigil or intention written on a piece of paper taped or tied around it under a light source, such as a candle or incandescent bulb. Keep it under light for at least 24 hours. This is a simple way to charge any sigil, whether it’s related to moon water or not!

Add to Smoothies
Smoothies are a great way to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially if you don’t like to eat them on your own. They can be used as meal replacements or snacks. Combining ingredients with high water content (like melons) and some that release lots of water when cooked (like cucumbers) creates a beverage that is light and healthy, perfect for hot summer days. Throw in a little moon water charged with intention and not only is it a healthy snack but a blessed one!

Add to a Bath (my favorite)
Whether you believe in its restorative powers or not, most of us can agree that taking a bath is one of life’s most luxurious rituals. The soft lighting of candles, music playing—it’s easy to see why it’s an activity almost universally cherished by all humans. A bath is also a great place for reflection and inspiration. So when you combine these two activities together, what do you get? Something truly magical. You can immerse your whole body in the wondrous magic of moon water, by adding it to your bath!

Add Lavender for Toner
The scent of lavender can be relaxing, but it’s also cleansing and purifying. Add a few drops of lavender oil to your moon water (and any other water you use throughout your day) for a soothing aroma. Likewise, sage is considered beneficial for spirituality; boil some in your tea or use it as an essential oil diffuser scent. For glowing skin, try adding lemon juice to your water; it’s said that lemons are healing for both body and spirit.

Cleanse Crystals and Tools
Crystals are important tools for magick, but they also need regular cleansing. To cleanse them, first dissolve 1 tablespoon of sea salt into 4 cups of moon water. Soak your crystals in it for 2 hours before drying with a soft cloth. This will clear away negative energy and return your crystals to their original shine.

Make Tea (or coffee)
One of the best ways to get started with moon water is to make a cup of tea (herbal tea works too!).  If you’re not sure what types of herbs you like (or where to start), don’t worry! Start out by mixing things together and see what flavors you like; there are thousands upon thousands of combinations that will give you different effects based on your magical practice.

Make Your Own Soap
Traditionally, moon water is made by soaking herbs in water under a full moon and letting it sit until it attains a pale color. It’s said that moon water should only be used during blue moons, but don’t worry—there are ways around that. The first way is to infuse your herbal mixture with natural dye made from fruit crystals or floral oil, which will give it pigment.

Charge Water-Loving Crystals
It’s a well-known fact that water is absolutely crucial for life on Earth. Thanks to its unique molecular structure, our planet’s abundant H2O makes it possible for life as we know it to exist because it creates an environment where cells can thrive. Our bodies are made up of up to 60% water; so, you might say there’s nothing quite like having some nearby! Luckily, crystals love H2O as well…especially these crystal essences! But not all crystals love water! Don’t get any of these wet: amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, selenite. A good rule of thumb: Many stones that end in “ite” are not water-friendly.)

Do you use moon water for anything in your practice? Let us know in the comments!