Full Moon Tonight A Taurus Ritual

Full Moon: A Taurus Ritual

The moon is a powerful symbol that has been used since ancient times for guidance and illumination

09 Mary Magdalene Mysteries

Magdalene Mysteries

About thirty seconds after I said I wanted to write an article about the Magdalene Mysteries, I changed my mind. First of all, will I burn for this? And more importantly, where do I even begin? An article? It seems so small for the giant mind-blowing rabbit hole that I have been exploring for years. So, this may be just the beginning of a series of articles, or I will give you just enough to whet your appetite so that you can begin your journey… Which is a perfect place to start: The Magdalene Mysteries are an initiation, a true mind, body, and soul exploration, which begins with a labyrinth. I can lead you to the entrance, but it is up to you to walk the left-hand path. For those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, be prepared for an expansion of what you know and potentially a demolition of what you thought you knew.

In order to begin to unlock the mysteries of Mary Magdalene, we must first make an agreement that you will be curious and allow this curiosity to open your mind to wild and unlikely possibilities. If you’re here, it is likely that you already have some unorthodox beliefs, for instance, reincarnation, maybe? Reincarnation is a theory that our souls return time and time again in different bodies, potentially to learn specific lessons or to teach those who cross your path. Some believe we choose the life we will incarnate into, others believe it is karmic, and we are essentially reborn in a life we earned. Reincarnation is a fascinating subject, but we will have to dive into that one later. For the sake of this article, let’s assume you do believe that reincarnation is possible and that you are here on this planet at this time on purpose. This is important because Mary Magdalene’s story begins long before she walked the earth.

The Sacred Union

Long ago, maybe before the beginning of time, there was divine energy, and this energy was a combination of masculine and feminine, and when united, their union created life. This divine coupling has returned to this planet over and over and over as a direct reflection of the original “father and mother,” who was later renamed as one entity, a masculine deity. They were stripped of their sacred union, and the mother was forgotten. But not everyone forgot her, she was remembered in secret, under the moon, deep inside caves, in tending to an herb garden, and especially in childbirth. Our ancestresses whispered Her name and raised their daughters in the old ways for as long as they possibly could, only for Her to be forgotten generation by generation.

Those who have studied the lore of Mary Magdalene have no doubt that Jesus and Mary were not only lovers but that they led a ministry together. One that preached sacred union, Tantrika, and Magick. Those who follow the left-hand path believe that Mary and Jesus were destined, that the star which appeared at his birth, the star which the Magi followed, was a sign from the heavens that the next great love story was beginning. But why? Why would anyone believe this? We have been taught that Jesus was “perfect,” suggesting he never had sex, which is damaging in several ways. Sex and divine union are beautiful, but religion makes them ugly and sinful. We have been led to believe that Mary Magdalene was a reformed prostitute. We have been indoctrinated to believe that Jesus’s mother, Mary, was a virgin when she became pregnant. Even for those who believe in Magick, this concept is a bit far-fetched. In fact, the more we study the sacred mysteries, the more we may become convinced that immaculate conception is ridiculous or that we must redefine the term “immaculate.” So why is this taught? To push you further from finding the truths, to keep you subservient to the patriarchy, and to shame your natural sexual nature.

Immaculate conception, calling Mary Magdalene a prostitute, and claiming that Jesus never had sex implies that sex itself is dirty or sinful. The Messiah could not have come from a man and woman experiencing pleasure together because that would prove that Jesus was a man, not God on earth. Even the term “immaculate conception” implies that sex is dirty. This is some of the oldest misogyny recorded. Casting Mary Magdalene as a prostitute automatically diminishes any potential respect a “good Christian” would have towards her, even though she is the only person who actually fits the bill to be Jesus’s apostle. This smear campaign has done catastrophic damage to the feminine.

The Origin of Marys and Virgins

Consider this: Why were there so many women named Mary in The Bible? I was told that it was a popular name, but I was not told that the priestesses of Isis used the title “Mary.” If these priestesses, these Marys, if you will, practiced the traditions of Isis, they most likely participated in sacred sexuality. In the traditions widely practiced at the time, priestesses performed sacred rituals on sacred holidays, which were held at specific times and dates based on astrology, and it is quite possible that Marys conceived these ceremonies. If alchemists or studiers of Hermetic principles were waiting for a specific moment in time for the next great love to be birthed, a conception at the time of a specific sacred ceremony would potentially guarantee the birth of a reincarnated soul. It is likely that Joseph agreed to take on this pregnant priestess, raise the child and teach him the ways of the goddess…

It is also worth noting that the word virgin did not define a person who had not had sex but rather a free, independent, autonomous, unmarried woman. This is important because it suggests that Jesus’s mother actually was a virgin if we consider this from the original meaning. Even so, I will refer to Jesus’s mother as “Mother Mary” so as not to confuse you and also because the word virgin has been so deeply misconstrued. We can also deconstruct the idea that “temple virgins,” women who served in temples, were not abstinent but most likely sexually active, which was considered spiritual. 

Divine Bloodlines

According to The Bible, which I don’t consider to be an extremely reputable source, but is widely acknowledged as fact, Jesus, his mother, and adopted father went to Egypt when he was very young because Herod the Great, King of Judea ordered the death of all of the male children under the age of two. (Most scholars do not believe that Herod actually did this, just as there’s no evidence that the Hebrews were ever slaves in Egypt. These inconsistencies further prove that The Bible and its stories were most likely lore and loosely based on actual events.) There is evidence that Jesus did travel in the first 30 years of his life. Not only to Egypt but also to Britain, Tibet, and India. If Mother Mary was, in fact, a priestess, and she believed her son was destined to be the messiah based on the time of his conception and the astrology when he was born, as well as his bloodline, then she would have chosen to bring her son to teachers far and wide, to initiate him in the hermetic principles, as well as other alchemical studies, and spiritual practices.

Mary Magdalene, a priestess whose bloodline has been speculated to be of the tribe of Benjamin or the line of the Queen of Sheba, maybe both, also had a promising assumed future. Magdalene was raised as a princess, and a priestess, a Mary. It is believed that Magdalene was betrothed to Jesus based on both of their bloodlines, but the Jews changed the betrothal to John the Baptist, Jesus’s cousin, who also carries the prophesied bloodline because Jesus was too radical in his teachings. Based on the gospel of Mary Magdalene, it is believed that his teachings included equality between the masculine and the feminine, a belief that was systematically dismantled by the religious leaders of this time.

Mary Magdalene and The Prophecy of The Messiah

Meanwhile, John was believed to hate women and chose to live in the wilderness with men only. While John did not want to marry Magdalene, he was aware that based on prophecy, marrying her would make him the assumed messiah. He didn’t necessarily want to be the messiah, but he did not agree with Jesus’s teachings of equality between the masculine and feminine, so he did choose to take her as his bride. It was after his death that Jesus took Magdalene as his wife in order to both fulfill the prophecy and raise his cousin’s son, as it was customary to take on your close relatives family after their death. Those of us who study the left-hand path believe that Jesus and Magdalene truly did love each other, and it was no ordinary love; this love transcended time and space. A love that returned time and time, from the beginning. The embodiment of the masculine and feminine union. It is also believed that Magdalene had three children, which to this day is represented by the Fleur-de-lis. 

Jesus and Magdalene lead a ministry together as equals, husband and wife, prophet and prophetess, and priest and priestess. This has been stripped from history because it shows Jesus in a light that is human and that his ministry taught equality and sacred union. But still, even those who pieced together the bible that we know today could not remove his wife from its pages. Rather they portray her with a scarlet letter A, as a reformed prostitute. But still, it is she who witnessed Jesus after his resurrection. It is she who was the only candidate to be considered Jesus’s apostle. 

In order to be considered an apostle of Jesus: 

  1. One must have spent the three years of his ministry with him
  2. Have been an eyewitness to Jesus’s baptism
  3. Witnessed Jesus’s miracles, healings, and teachings
  4. Witnessed Jesus sacrifice himself on the cross
  5. Witness Jesus after his resurrection

The only person who fits this description is Magdalene. Other than John, all the other supposed apostles were not there when Jesus was crucified, but he is noted along with several other women (Mary’s mostly). And it was Mary Magdalene to who Jesus appeared to first. 

The Holy Grail

After the crucifixion, it was extremely dangerous to be in any way connected to Jesus. Those who followed the left-hand path believed that it would be wise to send the pregnant Magdalene and her children, Jesus’s daughter and adopted son, away. Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’s uncle, is said to have taken Magdalene and the children to safety. You have probably heard parts of this story. Joseph was said to have gone to England, specifically Glastonbury, with several others, and he brought the holy grail. It is believed that the holy grail is not a cup but Jesus and Magdalene’s bloodline. There was a strong Jewish presence in this area, and in English lore, it has been said that Joseph and Mother Mary had brought Jesus to Glastonbury when Jesus was young. In fact, one of, if not the first “Christian” church in England is said to have been founded by Joseph, although it was destroyed in 1184. It’s possible that Joseph, Magdalene, and her children continued their ministry upon reaching Glastonbury, although it is said that Magdalene made her home in France, specifically a cave where many believe Magdalene lived out the rest of her days. To this day, Sainte Baume is a popular pilgrimage destination. And to this day, lore in England and France puts Magdalene in both places after the crucifixion.

The deeper you dive into these mysteries, the more you find connections that may be right in front of you but are just as easy to miss. There is a deconstruction of what we have been taught, from the Claddagh to labyrinths in cathedrals and famous art pieces. There is so much to explore and never enough room on a page. I’ll leave you with this: While Christianity has distorted the love story of Jesus and Magdalene, many throughout history have stayed true to the origins and have even followed and protected the line of Jesus and Mary. At this point, millions of us probably carry this holy blood in our veins.

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Recommended Books

These books are a great place to start if you want to learn more and do your own research.

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01 Types of Witchcraft

Types of Witchcraft? Magick in a Nutshell

The media has led many to believe that there are different types of witchcraft. There aren’t. There are, however, many different types of Witches and different ways in which Witches practice their craft. But that whole thing about there being white magick and black magick is not actually true.

You see, magick, as we know it, is a neutral force. It is neither good nor evil. It is the intention of the Witch that determines whether that force will be used for good or bad, but the force, itself, is not inherently either. Think of it like a knife. I can use a knife to cut up some fruit for a snack, or I can use it to kill someone. It’s my choice that determines what the knife will be used for, not the knife itself. Fire can be used to light my hearth and warm my home, or it can destroy my home. But is that fire inherently destructive? No, of course not. The same can be applied to the force that is magick. 

There are “good” witches and “bad” witches. Witches who cast spells for protection and healing, and those who cast hexes and banishments. The magick they both use is the same. It’s the intention behind their castings that differentiates between good and bad.

So let’s take a quick dive into the practice of witchcraft and magick in a nutshell.

What’s With The K?

If you’re new to the craft, you may be wondering why you often see the word “magic” written with a K at the end. 

Though the word with a K at the end can be found in some older texts referring to the practice of witchcraft, that was long before spellings became uniform and the K was dropped from the word across the board. As it is used these days, the word “Magick” was coined by Aleister Crowley, founder of Thelema. 

He stated that he added the K in order to differentiate the magick that he performed from that performed by stage magicians. 

However, whether you spell it “magic” or “magick” (or even one of the other less-used spellings like, “majic,” “majick,” “magik,” or “majik”), is a personal preference, and is completely up to what you feel most connected to.

Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks, Oh, My!

Despite what Harry Potter, Charmed, and other pop culture media may have you believe, the word for a male witch is neither a wizard nor a warlock. It’s actually just “witch.” 

The etymology of the word “wizard” typically meant “sage, philosopher, wise,” etc. It wasn’t until the mid-1500s when the lines between what was considered philosophy and what was considered magic were blurred that people began to conflate the two, and the word “wizard” was attributed to someone who practiced magick. 

Warlock, on the other hand, originally meant “oath breaker” or “deceiver.” The term being conflated with male practitioners of witchcraft arose from the idea that practitioners made pacts with the devil in order to perform their crafts, and so they were believed to have broken their oaths to God by discarding their baptismal vows.

So in the end, whether you’re a female-presenting practitioner, a male-presenting practitioner, or a non-binary practitioner, you are called a witch. 

How Do I Practice Magick?

This isn’t really a question that we can answer for you. There are many different ways to practice and many different spiritual paths you can follow. Wherever your heart leads will show you how you practice. 

Most practitioners, however, either follow a specific spiritual path, like Wicca, Hellenism, Asatru, or any of the hundreds of others, or they deem themselves, eclectic witches. This means that they follow a path they’ve created themselves which pulls from different spiritual paths. Some are coven-based, and some practice alone. Whatever you’re most comfortable with and connected to is okay. That’s the beauty of witchcraft. We don’t tell you what to believe, and we believe that the truth lies in the practitioner’s belief itself. Many other faiths will tell you that their path is the One True Religion. Pagans, however, believe that all religions are the One True Religion for those that practice that religion. Beautiful, right?

How you choose to practice will be what categorizes your witchy self. Are you a kitchen witch? Or a sea witch? Maybe you’re a hedge witch or a green witch. Maybe you want to be part of a coven or prefer solitary witchcraft. 

We know that for beginners and baby witches, all of this can seem pretty daunting. That’s why we created Coven Cloud. We wanted somewhere for seasoned witches and newbies to the craft to come together and learn from one another. We’re a collective of witches from many different paths and who follow many different pantheons. We share stories, spells, and blog posts to teach others about our beliefs and learn about the beliefs of others. We’d love for you to join us. Welcome home, witches. You are safe and loved here.

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Love, Light & Lies: Healing and Manifesting Without Forced Forgiveness

By Justine The Witch

I feel called to address some serious issues that arise the more we push this concept of “love and light”, “The Law of Attraction”, and forgiveness. Don’t get me wrong, I do find some value in these concepts, but I also can see how they can be problematic and misrepresented. This may be upsetting or frustrating for some because the concepts I am discussing are very widely used, but just because they work for some, does not mean they work or are even realistic for all types of people. It feels important to address these concerns because I see these beliefs heavily pushed upon the spiritual community.

If you are unfamiliar, I’ll give you a Cliff’s notes version of this “spiritual movement”. The Law of Attraction is a mindset and belief that we can control outcomes based on our deepest desires. This practice encourages you to pour energy into an “abundance mindset”, and avoid the “poverty mindset” based on the idea that we attract that which we focus on. For example, there is much to be said about changing your verbiage from “want”, which is “lack”, to “have” which is “abundance”. Rather than saying “I want to be a chef”, you may say, “I am a chef.” When we are focused on what we do not have, we are more likely to stay in that situation, whereas if you are using verbiage that suggests you already have, you are more likely to achieve your goal. This can work with breaking habits, as well. If you are quitting smoking, you may say, “No thank you, I don’t smoke.” Rather than, “I am trying to quit.” You are more likely to actually quit if you reaffirm that you do not smoke. (You still have to put the work in to achieve goals, but I will get to that.) The Law of Attraction is often paired with the “love and light” ideals, where we stay in a loving mindset and avoid dark or negative thoughts, which bleeds into an expectation that you must forgive those who have hurt you in order to raise your vibration and heal. 

There is a lot of value in the places we focus our energy, as witches, we know that intention is extremely important. As human beings, we have seen the research which shows that having a daily gratefulness practice has proven to help people to be less depressed, and less anxious, which can aid in being healthy, physically and mentally. I am not saying that it’s unhealthy to be grateful, nor am I saying that we can’t attract the things we want. What I am saying is that it is insensitive to claim that this is “the way”. It is unacceptable, and damaging to claim that our mindset will bring forth prosperity when we know that there are people who are starving, homeless, unemployed, abused, neglected, or in other ways less fortunate, and victims of circumstance. 

Subscribing to the “love and light” ideals often causes victim blaming, whether it is intentional or not. We are placing a person’s situation on them, as though they created their reality. But the fact is, some people are at the mercy of situations they have absolutely no control over. For example, my client, who was heinously abused since childhood, did not create her reality, she was only a child. Even if you believe that her celestial self chose to reincarnate on this planet at this time, the abuser chose the violence. A child is innocent and reaps the mental, emotional, and physical trauma, which can lead to mental illness, substance abuse, and depression. Can you imagine telling this little girl that she agreed to this??? Can you imagine telling this little girl that she just needs to focus on the positive, and her life will magically transform? In the “love and light” communities we find people pushing the idea that we just need to let go, forgive, and move on, in order to have a happier and healthier life. They claim that remembering, or harboring our pain keeps us low vibe, and causes illness. In my opinion, this is gaslighting, manipulative, and abusive.

I find it abhorrent to place blame on a victim because they are still dealing with the pain of their traumas. In fact, the entire idea of expecting a victim to forgive their abuser is abuse! Forgiveness is extremely misunderstood, and in my experience, has been used to control. Today one of my clients expressed that her abusive ex-husband reached out to make amends because he is going through the steps of AA. He is on step 8, which is when a recovering alcoholic would make a list of anyone they harmed, and are willing to take responsibility and apologize to them all (unless doing so would cause greater harm). My client has been completely unable to respond to his amends. It was clear to me that she feels torn because she knows that it takes humility for him to take responsibility for his actions, but she just does not feel like she is ready to forgive, and she is not sure if she ever will be. I expressed to her that it is not her responsibility to forgive him, and if she does, she actually doesn’t have to ever tell him. It is not a victim’s job to absolve their abuser, in too many cases, forgiveness has paved the path to continued abuse. However, in many religious organizations, and in the love and light community, you will find that victims are challenged to not only forgive but also to take responsibility for the way they dealt with the issue. For some, forgiveness feels crucial, but I suggest unpacking forgiveness. What does it mean for you, and how does this make an impact on you? We know that forgiving is not forgetting, although, many abusers seem to think that once they have been forgiven, that’s the end of it. It’s very far from the end for those who have been hurt. People who have been abused may spend a lifetime grappling with what has been done to them. Many find themselves in the same, or similar situations because forgiveness meant allowing the abuser back into their life. Likewise, many victims of abuse do not continue to do the work to heal from their trauma because they were under the impression that forgiveness ended the whole cycle of abuse. In many cases, this turns into denial, and victims shut themselves and their emotions down. Some wonder why they have such strong reactions to certain situations, which may even include frustration towards people who are speaking up about their abuse.

It is important that we take responsibility for our actions. However, I do not agree with the notion that victims should be held accountable for the ways they attempted to protect themselves, or the ways they stood up to their abusers. I am suggesting that we give victims a break, that we are gentle with those who have been victimized, and those who are less fortunate. I am abolishing the idea that remorse and apologies must be met with forgiveness. I reject the idea that we should just let go of our past pain, and move on. My pain has driven me to this place, a place where I am able to support my friends and my clients, a place where I can witness and hold space for victims, a place where I can stand up for those who have been abused. I have spent the past decade exposing the atrocities that have happened and still happen in the cult I was raised in. Thanks to being a “dog with a bone”, I have helped many people to free themselves from the cult. If I had just let go and sent love and light to my abusers, I would not have been able to support those who needed someone to validate their experiences and show them a way out. I have not forgiven the cult for the way they treated me, and my loved ones. Do people tell me that it’s time to let it go? Has my own husband asked me repeatedly when I am going to get over it? Yes. In fact, even other victims have said that I need to forgive and look at the positive things that came from those experiences. My lack of forgiveness is not keeping me in an angry space, it is righteous indignation, and it is aiding in healing for others, who otherwise would feel lost, confused, and dejected.

According to The Law of Attraction, there is a lot of value in where we place our energy, but we know that energy must be matched. Daydreaming all the time about losing weight is not going to help anyone drop a few pounds, we must match the energy with action. This means we make healthier food choices, and add more movement to our lives, in order to see results. The same goes for that promotion we have been hoping for, we have got to apply for the position and work hard to prove ourselves. This, however, is a particular challenge for people in certain circumstances, especially health-related issues. The amount of times I have heard of doctors fat-shaming, rather than finding ways to help their patients who have health issues that inhibit their ability to move or are hormonally imbalanced, is cringy! In these cases, it is insensitive and ultimately cruel to push these ableist ideals. It is extremely important that we give grace, and have empathy, and sensitivity to folx who are differently-abled, and have health concerns that inhibit their energy, and movement.

“I ask that we all take some time to be gentle with ourselves, and with others. To take responsibility for the ways we have been insensitive. Be mindful of our words, and our expectations of others. To do what works for you, but allow others to find what works for them.”

Justine the Witch

While I have personally experienced success in using some Law of Attraction concepts, I admit that this is due to my own privilege. I have had the good fortune to have a partner who supports my dreams and goals. He was the primary breadwinner as I poured my energy into my writing and my craft. In complete honesty, I do not know that I would be as successful as I am today if I had to work full time and squeeze out extra energy at the end of the day. My partner is a very dedicated parent, as well, so I have support with the kids when I need time and space to work with clients or meet a deadline. Again, I don’t know how I would have been able to create a business without that added support. I am able-bodied and healthy, I have had the privilege of being in therapy, I have been gifted retreats and seminars, and I own a vehicle. A lot of the people I love do not have any of these things. Some are single parents, some have health issues that inhibit their movement and energy, and some have mental health issues and do not have the funds for proper therapy. I have found myself inserting my foot into my mouth after gushing about how my hard work has paid off, only to recognize that I am privileged to be able to work as hard as I do and to take time off to rest and recuperate.

I ask that we all take some time to be gentle with ourselves, and with others. To take responsibility for the ways we have been insensitive. Be mindful of our words, and our expectations of others. To do what works for you, but allow others to find what works for them. And, if you find it in your heart to support a friend who may need a ride, or groceries, or a shoulder to cry on, and you have the energy or the ability, then go for it. Not out of guilt for what you have, but out of love and respect for those who don’t. Nobody wants to be a charity case, and you don’t need to be a hero. Just be kind. And as always, do what works for you, if you find success in The Law of Attraction, by all means, attract away! If “love and light” is your jam, then “love and light” all day! If you feel strongly that forgiveness is healing, forgive, but I ask that you don’t push your beliefs or experiences on others.

Justine Lieberman or “JustinetheWitch” (she/her) is a practicing eclectic witch who specializes in shadow work and Tarot reading, she refers to herself as a “Tarotpist” and “Word Witch”. Her love for writing and passion to heal spiritual abuse has been the catalyst for her activism and her Craft.

Why Ancient Greek Art Still Matters: A Comprehensive Study of Paganism in Art

. Many aspects of ancient Greek art are still evident in modern media, including statues of gods, goddesses, and even some of the minor deities that we never hear about today. There’s a reason why there’s still so much interest in these images after thousands of years: there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Everything You Need to Know About the Buck Moon

Everything You Need to Know About the Super Buck Moon

July’s full moon is most widely known as the Buck Moon. The indigenous peoples of the Algonquin tribe named July’s full moon the Buck Moon due to the fact that the antlers of male deer (called bucks) are fully grown by this time of the year. As with all full moons throughout the year, the Buck Moon is known by many other names as well. The Cree called July’s moon the Feather Moulting Moon and the Salmon Moon. The Anishinaabe people called it the Berry Moon, while the Dakota named it Moon When The Chokeberries Are Ripe. It was called Month of the Ripe Corn Moon by the Cherokee, and the Raspberry Moon by the Ojibwe.

Aside from being a regular, beautiful full moon as it is every year, 2022’s Full Buck Moon will also be a Supermoon. A supermoon occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth at the exact same time that it is full. You can see this year’s Super Buck Moon on July 13th. 

Symbolism of the Buck Moon

July’s Full Buck Moon is a symbol of fertility. When a buck loses the layer of velvet on its antlers, it has reached maturity and it’s time to mate. By July, the buck’s rack has grown almost to full maturity, and in the next couple of months, will begin to grow points and fully shed its velvet. Mating season will begin soon after.

This month, we channel the masculine energy of the buck to bring ambition and strength into our lives and spellcraft.

Now is not the time to procrastinate. Channel this energy to fuel your intentions, strengthen your manifestations, and achieve your goals. and intentions. Try to stay as focused as possible. Consider what modest ambitions you can let go of in order to prioritize and focus on your larger goals. What smaller goals can you convince yourself to let go, in order to focus on accomplishing larger goals that are more important to your personal growth?

Other spiritual meanings of the Full Buck Moon include self-reflection, abundance, leadership, vigor, strength, passion, honesty, and dream work.

Celebrate this year’s Super Buck Moon by decking yourself and your altar out in shades of gold, blue, gray, and green.

How To Celebrate The Buck Moon

As July’s moon symbolizes self-reflection, a great way to celebrate and honor the Buck Moon is by doing some journaling. If you’re like me and can never quite think of a topic to write about off the top of your head, I’ve provided some journaling prompts to get you started.

What achievements have you had recently? Congratulate yourself on them! Make a list of all of your accomplishments over the past year and take pride in all of the hard work you’ve put in.

Are there any places in your local community that you feel a particular spiritual connection to? Go there. Take a walk through that beautiful piece of nature and then come home and write all about it. What is it that connects you to that place?

How does July’s Super Buck Moon make you feel? How will you celebrate it?

What movie would you like to watch, or book would you like to read before the end of 2022? Why do you want to watch that movie or read that book? 

A Full Buck Moon Ritual

We’re nearing the end of the summer now, and the cold winter months are looming. This ritual will help you store those sunny, positive feelings and energies we get throughout the warm part of the year, so that you may carry them into the cold months ahead.

What you’ll need:

  • One gold candle (white or yellow will work as well if you don’t happen to have a gold one).
  • Your journal or grimoire.
  • A gold pen, colored pencil, or paint and paintbrush.
  1. Cast your circle and invite your deities/spirits/elementals into your ritual. 
  2. Set your intention by journaling about it. Tell your journal how the beautiful summer sun makes you feel. What power and live-giving strength it gives you. Think about all the things that make you feel sunny, light, and happy. Write about them or paint/draw them in your journal.
  3. Hold your journal in your hand open to the page you’ve just written and say: “I call upon the Buck Moon’s power. I call upon the strength and fullness of his antlers. I call upon the antlered forest king and ask him to grant me sustenance and strength. As I will it, so mote it be.”
  4. Take a seat somewhere comfortable and ruminate over these simple joys you’ve written or drawn about. Feel those joys lighten your spirit while the sun’s power gives you strength. Take your gold marker, pen, paint, or colored pencil and write the following words in your journal alongside your list or other drawings, “The summer is golden. The sun is golden. I am golden. I am one with the golden light of summer.”
  5. Repeat these words aloud and then sit in silence for a few moments. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as a mighty buck, your beautiful, strong antlers backlit against the gorgeous Buck Moon. You are the king of the forest. You carry that strength within you. 
  6. When you’re done meditating, add this page to your grimoire, place it on your altar, or even tack it up on the wall somewhere you can see it often.
  7. Close your circle and thank your deities/elementals/spirits for joining you in your ritual.