This page is currently under construction. We will be filling this with endless knowledge to help you navigate our site soon.

Thank you for being here and being a part of our community from the beginning. If you have any questions you’d like to have appear here be sure to contact us!

How do I search for other users on the site?

If you hover over the ‘My Profile’ tab at the top of the page (on mobile hit the plus sign next to ‘My Profile’) click on ‘Members Listing‘. At the top of that page you’ll see a search bar. That bar will search through the other users on the site. You can click on the cog wheel to set more filters on the results you’re searching for.

These filters for your search results can be viewed by clicking the cog wheel in the search bar.

Can I help?

Absolutely! The Coven Cloud team is always looking for new, enthusiastic supporters to volunteer and help keep the project zooming. If you’re interested in applying to step into a volunteer role you can go fill out an application over here. Tell us a bit about you and your strengths and we will do our best to find you an opportunity that best utilizes your talent. We appreciate all help we can get. Every contribution is valued. Willing to go above and beyond for us, you may just end up with your very own @coven.cloud email address

I want to help but I have no time to volunteer, do you take donations?

Yes we do! Thank you for your support. Keeping this site humming and buzzing is a work of financial and emotional support (and of course a little bit of magic). Our Kickstarer was successful but that is only the beginning. If you’d like to support us you can do so by purchasing a membership upgrade (soon!) that comes with a cute little badge for your profile. If you wish to make a direct contribution of a different value you can contact us.

How do I post a blog?

The ability for members of the site to share their stories and insights through blog posts is in the works. We’re trying to come up with the best solution for ease of use and searchability while still maintaining stability. This is a top priority for us right now and we’ll be sure to be singing it from the rooftops as soon as it is up and running. We can’t wait to see what you all share with us.

Do you allow advertising on the site?

If you’re interested in posting an add on our site you can reach out to us here. For the safety of the users on the site we do not allow unauthorized advertising of anything transactional. In the near future we will be opening up our seller platform where you will be able to list items and services for sale with approval. Updates on the seller platform will be available very soon. Be sure to check in on our site updates for weekly news on what has changed and what is coming soon.

How old do you have to be to be a member of Coven Cloud?

Keeping our members safe has always been a top priority for our team so with that in mind we have set the minimum age to use Coven Cloud at 13 years old. Please keep in mind that there can and will be parts of the site that are not appropriate for people under the age of 18, 21, etc. depending on the content. In accordance to our rules those portions should be clearly labeled in a way to be seen before the content is visible and we expect our users to respect those warnings.

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