December full moon blog

How to Celebrate the Cold Moon on December 18th

Did you know that all full moons throughout the year have their own name relating to the time of year they’re in? The full moon that falls in the month of December is called the Cold Moon. This year, the Cold Moon will reach its pinnacle on December 18th, 2021, at around 11:37 pm, Eastern Standard Time. Right before sunset, the Cold Moon will begin to emerge above the horizon, and due to its high trajectory, the Cold Moon appears above the horizon for the longest time of the entire year.

Meaning of Cold Moon

The Cold Moon represents a time of healing and inspiration, a perfect occasion for spells of protection and balance. This is also a good time for setting intentions for what you want to manifest in your life. If you have been struggling with something or feeling stuck, now is a good time to fix that. 

Each full moon of the year has a different name which typically represents the months or seasons during which they appear. These names often came from Native American tribes who used the moons to chart the changing of the seasons. The Cold Moon comes from the Mohawk tribe, and it describes not only the temperature of the time of year, but also the symbolic nature of the world’s dormancy during winter. Crops and fields lay bare and full of frost, ice, or snow. Just as we are ending the cycle of the year, soon to be reborn in the New Year, so, too, will the moon and nature itself soon be reborn.  

Using the Cold Moon’s Spiritual Energy

As a full moon Ritual, concentrate your energy and attention on having your desires fulfilled. During full moons, witches traditionally perform divination rituals in order to get a sense of what is coming into their lives over the next month or so. These rituals are especially good to perform during the Cold Moon, as it’s viewed as a time of renewed energy and rebirth for the new year to come. You can also use it for spells for yourself or others – perhaps you have someone in mind who needs some assistance, or you need to meditate and reflect on the events of the past year and seek guidance for the coming year. In other words, get ready for big changes and focus on something you’d like to see manifest in your life over these next few weeks because it will manifest!

Cold Moon Ritual

The waxing moon cycle is regarded as a powerful time for magick. You can use it to turn your goals into reality. However, if you’re not familiar with magic and spells, you might find some how-to advice and general guidelines about spells and spellcasting very helpful. To increase your chances of success at working magick, here are a few basics: The best way for making things happen by means of spellcraft is via sympathetic magick. With sympathetic magick, one seeks or creates an object that represents their goal or desire (such as a piece of jewelry for increasing money). Once such an object has been made or acquired, it must be charged with your energy and intention.

Here is a simple ritual to perform during the Cold Moon that helps to promote self-reflection and introspection.

The spell works through intention.

Your ingredient list should look as follows: a piece of paper with a pencil or pen, one silver and one gold candle.

The Cold Moon ritual is all about opening yourself up to invite the Goddess’s protection and influence into yourself and your circle. The silver candle represents the moon itself, and symbolizes protection, positivity, and stability. The gold candle represents the sun and a giver of warmth and bringer of life. It symbolizes confidence, understanding, strength, and growth.

These candles are your guides during your ritual. They will help you to answer questions pertaining to the year gone by. Meditation is important for this part of the ritual, as it requires some serious self-reflection.

The following ritual for the Cold Moon can be cast on any of the three nights of full moon this December.

First and foremost, you must set your intentions for this spell, then cast your circle and do some meditation to help aid in your self-reflection.

Casting the Spell

Before you begin, take three deep breaths to calm yourself. This may seem silly, but is actually a very important part of spellcraft. Your intention can be misconstrued if you have not taken a moment to meditate and ensure that your inner self is calm and ready to perform the magick.

First, light the silver candle while visualizing the moon’s power entering your circle opening up your second sight.

Second, light the gold candle while visualizing the sun’s power filling you and your circle with warmth and renewing energy. At this time, you may call upon any other guides or guardians you honor and ask them to attend your ritual. A simple “I call upon the guardians of the watchtowers to attend my ritual, protect my circle, and guide my intention” will suffice. Meditative music may help you to get in touch with the energies you seek.

Once the above is complete, and when you feel ready, take out your paper and pen and write your answers to the following questions:

  • What gave me energy this year?
  • What drained my energy this year?
  • What are three things I am proud to have done this year?
  • What is an important lesson I learned this year?

Once you have written your answers, sit for a moment in meditative silence so you can reflect on the answers you have given. When you are done, thank the guides or guardians that you invited to your ritual, open your circle, and extinguish your candles.